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Mirror Pillar project seeking artists to collaborate

We're building a giant 2m high cylindrical mirrored pillar, to take around the UK as part of a mathematics engagement project. We'll be using it to make giant anamorphic artworks - distorted images on the floor which look correct when viewed in the pillar. As well as engaging the public with the mathematics of reflections and distortion, we'll get people to join in and draw part of each image, so that over the time the pillar is on public display, we'll create dozens of giant anamorphic images.

But the pictures we are making will not be very exciting. So we wondered if any artists would like to do something more creative with the Mirror Pillar. Artists are welcome to come and develop artworks around the Mirror Pillar - both during the public display, and during times when the pillar isn't in use.

Mirror anamorphosis showing a chair, Adriaan P. Goddijn CC BY-SA Mirror anamorphosis showing a chair, Adriaan P. Goddijn CC BY-SA

If you'd like to come and create art live in front of the public, check the dates on our main website and find out when/if we'll be near you. If you'd rather work on it in your own space, we can lend the Mirror Pillar for chunks of time for free between November 2018 and February 2019, for developing artworks and displaying at exhibitions.

We do not have any funding to commission and pay for artworks; we just want to make the most of the Mirror Pillar and share it with as many people as possible. If you want to work with the Mirror Pillar while it is on public display I am sure we can find money to cover your expenses and material costs (subject to confirmation but we want to make it as accessible as possible). But we can't pay for an artists time as this is being organised by maths enthusiasts and volunteers are donating their time. Of course any artworks produced will be yours, we'll allow time for photography etc with the pillar, and we will share photos of them on our Twitter, with full credit to the artist for all that delicious exposure you can use to pay the rent.

Artists working with the pillar in their own space will be briefed on safe handling procedures for the pillar (it weighs 100kg and requires a team of people to move), and depending on the amount of interest, can keep hold of the pillar for 1-3 weeks, to be arranged. We'd love to be able to share photos and videos of anything you produce on social media too, with full credit.

After the project is completed, the pillar will become part of the collection at MathsWorldUK, the UK's first maths discovery centre, and they may be interested in exhibiting the artworks in future as part of their public exhibitions and events - we can put you in contact with them if desired.

If you're an artist and would be interested in producing artworks live around the pillar in public, or loaning it during times it's not in use, please get in touch by emailing